Our invoices are, except other explicit agreements, payable at our headquarters, and this within the
period of 30 days after invoice date and in euro.
In case of overdue payment, the costumer will be charged, by law and without notice of default, to pay a
compensation of 10% of the invoice amount. Also by law and without notice of default an interest is due,
negotiated on basis of the lawful interest rate .
Each payment of the costumer is first attributable on potential/any expired interest and/or compensation
and thereafter on the oldest due claim.
The late payment of one invoice makes every outstanding invoice immediately claimable.
Quotations are always merely provided on informative title. Orders are only binding and valid after
acceptance by a qualified person within the enterprise/venture.
Our delivery dates are, except otherwise indicated clause, always indicated merely on indicative title. The
transgression of the delay cannot be invoked by the client as reason of dissolution of the agreement,
demand of compensation at our burden or to obtain another claim against us.
The risk goes to the client from the moment of installation.
Unabated the risk of the client with regard of the goods, we maintain the ownership of the delivered goods
till complete payment of the price.
The client must invoke visible defects within 7 days after delivery/placement. Within this term the client
should write and send us, a signed/registered writing wherein a detailed and limited enumeration of the
defects is given.
Our obligation in the frame of the visible defects is any case limited to the change of the goods, with
exclusion of all the costs of compensations from any kind.
Any hidden defects must be invoked as a signed/registered missive within the 6 months after delivery, by
failings whereat a claim on this base is excluded.
Except in case of premeditation, the liability is limited to the amount of the delivery and to the direct
defects. Indirect damage will not be taken into account for compensation.
Parties bind themselves to safeguard each other against every possible claim of third parties, whichever
damage has been suffered by third parties, to the extent that this damage was to blame to a slight error.
In case of serious fault the parties bind to safeguard each other for every damage that exceeds the
amount of the delivery.
BVBA Acryl-Neon is never responsible for any damage of any kind with the delivered products of BVBA
Acryl-Neon that has been caused by unknown intellectual property rights on the subject of descriptions
given by the client or set for implementation of the agreement or for the non compliance of legal
prescriptions of any kind for the products of BVBA Acryl-Neon ordered by the client.
The composition of colors, color imprint, font style, and delivered amount may vary (in less or in more)
and can never be reason of dissolution of the agreement, neither to any kind of compensation at our
expense. The technical neon-control (art. 262) is at expense of the client.
Defects wherefore the liability surely lies with a part of the delivered goods is never a motive for
restitution of the whole delivery.
In case of force majeure (non-limiting: machine breakdown, strike, transportation difficulties, sales
prohibition, or restrictions, etc.) BVBA Acryl-Neon is allowed to adjust the delivery date, or to cancel the
order, both always without this giving the right to the client to any compensation.
Requests for admission necessary to the mounting of outdoor advertising to the concerned authorities
must be done by the clients. The signs will only be placed after submissions by the client of the necessary
licenses, this despite any order given by the client.
In case where damage or nuisance can be inflicted to public utilities by BVBA Acryl-Neon, the customer
should inform bvba Acryl-neon and the concerned operating organisms, 15 days prior to the start of the
works by signed/registered writing. Any utility plans will be given to BVBA Acryl-Neon by the client before
commencement of the constructions. The client binds itself to safeguard BVBA Acryl-Neon for potential
claims from operating organisms of public utilities for damages caused by BVBA Acryl-Neon to the utilities
by executions of the constructions.
In case any party refuses the deliveries, cancels or cannot achieve the contract, the parties have the right
whether to request the forced execution of the agreement (with any compensation added), whether to
request a compensation.
Unabated our right to demand for higher compensation, the compensation will be agreed on:
- 30% of the agreed contract price at termination till the commencement of the effective production.
- As from commencement of the effective production, the compensation will anyway be 100%.
The client confirms that our designs and studies enjoy copyright protection.
The reproduction or use of our designs and/or studies, even partially, are strictly prohibited, and will give
motive for compensation in case we do not give any written consent hereon.
Any nihility of one of these conditions does not have the nihility of the other clauses of the contract as
On any disputes with connection to this agreement is the Belgian law applicable. Only the courts of
Antwerp are qualified to take note of the possible disputes.

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