Digital printing and light advertising

Neopaul specialises in transparent high-resolution printing. With a double printing technique, translucent inks and foils we achieve an extremely high depth effect in combination with backlit light advertising.

We also offer conventional high-resolution printing in large formats as advertising or decorative elements.

We print in high-resolution on different surfaces, both translucent and covering. Banners, canvas, adhesive foil, paper.

Neopaul takes responsibility for the pre-print, the processing of the visual material, high quality printing, laminating and application on the correct material. If required specialised installation teams from Neopaul will install your advertising.


High Quality Large Format Printing

Neopaul creates high quality digital prints using the latest printing technology. Up to 1440 dpi for photo-realistic print in colour or black-and-white. Our prints are water and UV resistant and have a colour guarantee of no less than 5 years with outdoor use.


Smartly illuminated, photo-realistic prints

Questions about digital printing?

Do you have any questions for Neopaul about digital printing? Fill in the contact form and we will reply as soon as possible.