Neopaul converts your light advertising and facade into an attractive draw.

With Neopaul you can clad your facade with the same finish as your light advertising. Your business will stand out by its clean and high quality appearance.


Facade cladding in Dibond – Alucobond

Our facade cladding is made of Dibond or Alucobond. These materials are resistant to all weather conditions.

Dibond or Alucobond is an aluminium sandwich panel. These panels have a synthetic core, a coated aluminium covering plate and a coated or mat rear. You can also choose other materials such as zinc

Dibond - alucobond material


High-performance assembly

The panels are cut with a high-precision CNC machine to fit tightly together. The substructure is a custom-made aluminium grid. This durable installation is resistant to UV, water and wind.


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