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Applications of LED lighting and screens are so specific and diverse that these installations are provided by our separate business unit Led is More. But we at Neopaul can explain the endless possibilities of LEDs. With many years of experience in light advertising, we are your partner for the development of LED projects. And this for both architectonic applications and screen technologies.

Neopaul offers a complete range of services from design and engineering to production, installation and content building.


Economic and versatile LED systems

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LED screens

A special property of LED screens is that the moving pictures capture the attention more strongly and for longer. They are also useful for an alternating message or in places where much information has to be displayed in a limited space. An example may be a building accommodating different companies.


LED systems

With LED elements you can accentuate an architectural aspect of your building or bolster the recognisability of your brand. We also use LED elements for the creation of a certain atmosphere by the more subtle or overwhelming play of light, colour and movement. The possibilities are numerous.


Scrolling sign

A scrolling sign only displays text and is available in a wide variety of versions.


→ You can combine and synchronise all the components above to obtain a beautiful installation.




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