Sign relamping: upgrading light advertising


Neopaul transforms outdated light advertising with fluorescent lighting or neon into a high-performance and more economical installation.


Neopaul stands for quality and service with sustainability as an important factor. We offer this service to make your existing advertising more energy-efficient and reliable.


Sign relamping: the principle

Sign relamping is the upgrading of existing light advertising to provide new, energy-saving and environmentally friendly installations. Neopaul has the know-how and the materials to provide old light boxes – with fluorescent lights or channel letters with neon – with low-maintenance and economic LEDs.

Relamping principle


Sustainable LEDs

We replace the existing light source with LEDs. You then enjoy the following benefits:


  • Energy savings

LEDs produce more light per watt. Your light advertising becomes more energy-efficient.

  • Less maintenance

The average life of LEDs amounts to 100,000 hours. This is considerably longer than for neon or fluorescent lighting.

  • Light quality

The clear light from LEDs increases the visibility of your light advertising.

  • Environmentally friendly

LEDs are not only an economic light source, they also contain no harmful gases or heavy metals such as mercury or lead.

  • Sustainable

Thanks to complete sealing, LEDs are resistant to water ingress and the accumulation of dirt or insects. They can also withstand temperature fluctuations and vibration.


Save on your energy bills thanks to sign relamping

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