Neopaul is your total partner for visual advertising, LED systems and facade finishing.

Neopaul is a solution-oriented company with proven expertise in illuminated or light advertising, visual communication and lighting. We take on every challenge, each scenario. With our focus on flexibility, the highest quality standards and the reliability of our applications, we are the benchmark for numerous architects, shop designers and multinationals.


Neopaul means:

  • Top 5 in the Belgian light advertising market
  • Top quality
  • Sustainable products
  • A close relationship with the customer
  • Its own production
  • Free simulation
  • Creative LED system designs
  • 50 years of experience in the sector

Our areas of expertise

  • Light advertising

    Your brand is immediately noticed and fully comes into its own. During the day and at night.

  • LED systems

    Screens that can display alternating content. Architectural accents of light and colour and LED scrolling signs.

  • Facade cladding

    The highest quality finish for your facade. With the option of integrated light advertising.

  • Digital printing

    High quality, durable digital prints in large formats on various surfaces for both inside and out.

  • Sign relamping

    Making existing light advertising more energy efficient, greener and easier to maintain.

  • Get in touch
    Belgium: +32 3 321 28 77 Netherlands: +31 30 750 88 35

Our approach from A to Z

There is much involved with such an installation, certainly in places that are difficult to reach. Our experienced installers guarantee flawless assembly.

Ask for a free simulation

1Design & concept

Neopaul has the experience and know-how to develop your ideal visual advertising.

2Permits and administration

Neopaul will arrange the necessary permits and authorisations for your project.


Neopaul’s experienced employees carefully develop each project in our own workshop or together with specialised partners.


The installation of a Neopaul project is a specialist task. Our teams guarantee flawless assembly.


Neopaul takes care of the maintenance and any repairs of all its installations. Take a look at Sign Relamping.