The indispensable Pharmacist's Cross

Pharmacies need to stand out in the street scene, and they do so with the green pharmacy cross. This cross not only indicates where the pharmacy is located; an illuminated cross also shows that the pharmacy is open. Neopaul already specialized in the production of this important identification, when the cross was still exclusively made in neon. Of course, we evolved with it and now produce pharmacy crosses with LED technology or other innovative applications. Neopaul remains the supplier of this product segment.

Total facade signage concept for pharmacies

Pharmacists can also call on our expertise in the design, production and installation of facade cladding and signage in which the green cross is perfectly integrated. Neopaul is and remains the up-to-date partner for the facade of your pharmacy, but also of your veterinary practice.

Your LED cross, a technological marvel

pharmacy led cross

Neopaul’s LED pharmacy crosses are state-of-the-art. Our crosses can withstand the most extreme weather and thanks to the powerful LED lighting they are visible from a great distance. Our LED pharmacy crosses offer many possibilities in imaging and programming. You can choose between a static or dynamic image with date, time and temperature. You can also add and edit your own text or show multiple animations. The choice is yours.


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Send us a picture of your facade with some dimensions, possibly your logo and we will make a simulation without any obligations.

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