Attract attention with a freestanding column

Free-standing columns act as beacons and give an immediate professional appearance. No outdoor advertising is as suitable as this for highlighting the corporate identity.

It is impossible to imagine industrial estates without them. Tight or complex volumes in various sizes or – thanks to new techniques such as digital construction and 3D printing – also in round or wavy shapes. Unlit, with built-in lighting or lit from outside. In contrast to the surroundings or in line with it. With a focus on corporate identity, purely informative or with additional information. Lots of options, then.

totem or pillar


Columns can vary greatly in shape and design. Different options are possible for lighting. You choose how your name, logo or message will appear on the column, we advise and develop for you. >> read more

horizontal totem

Horizontal totem

If there is enough space, this totem will be placed horizontally. The effect is a prominent presence, with a distinguished appearance. >> read more

light sign op pole

Pole totem

An pole totem is usually seen along provincial roads. Due to the height of the pole, the advertisement is visible to traffic from far away. >> read more

column with news tikker

With news ticker or LED screen

On this totem you can show changing information. A news ticker allows you to quickly adapt information and attracts attention. You offer information that is of interest to your customers. >> read more

Is this something for you?

Send us a picture of your facade with some measurements and if necessary your logo. We make a simulation without any obligation.

Is this something for you?

Send us a picture of your facade with some dimensions, possibly your logo and we will make a simulation without any obligations.

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Neopaul is more than classical illuminated advertising

Neopaul uses its expertise and experience to create new products that do not fall into the traditional category of ‘illuminated advertising’. Neon-art, LED-screens, cladding, ecosigns or signage are innovative Neopaul products. Find them here.


LED screens, controlled light advertising. This is illuminated advertising 2.0


Your favorite quote in neon. Unique and personal.


High visibility signs attract attention.


Illuminated advertising with green accent. Contemporary and positive.


Give your facade more charisma with a sleek facade cladding.

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