Neopaul's vision

Neopaul makes your business location stand out.
We use our expertise in design, production and installation.
Neopaul offers a total service and provides a sustainable solution
with guarantee, maintenance, monitoring, licensing and leasing of your fa├žade advertising.

Neopaul's mission

Neopaul listens to your questions and wishes and thinks with you, advises and takes care of the whole renewal process of your facade. We guide you from idea to placement with aftercare, both technically, creatively and administratively.

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You make contact with Neopaul. One of our account managers will take your project in hand and make an appointment. Together you look at the possibilities on the spot and select what works best. This account manager is your personal point of contact during the execution and finishing. He guards your wishes and your expectations. If you want it, he’ll also get the necessary permits and approvals.

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Our experienced creative team will develop a proposal. After a technical analysis, you will receive a detailed simulation of your project. The account manager clarifies the proposal. Your comments are processed into a final design that meets your wishes, your budget and the technical possibilities.

neopaul engineer


Our technical team then elaborates the design into a high-performance, durable, safe and maintenance-friendly construction.

neopaul production


The construction is produced in our own workshops in Wommelgem. Quality and finish are crucial and to this end we choose the right materials, suppliers and techniques to apply. With the modern machinery in our workshops we have control over the entire production. We work according to strict regulations and with the best available materials.

neopaul install


The installation of facade cladding or illuminated advertising is always a unique achievement. Buildings are not always straight and symmetrical and electricity is not always easily accessible. Our specialist assembly teams are invaluable here. With the greatest care for advertising and environment they carry out the installation. The installation is prepared and planned to perfection. Unforeseen problems are solved by our technicians on site. The installation is fully realized in the shortest possible time.

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Neopaul news


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