The Classic

Neon advertising is the most traditional form of illuminated signage. Neon is also vintage. Neon light is very characteristic and has a warm appearance. In addition, neon glass can be easily recycled.

Neon offers many variations and applications. Neopaul has years of expertise in neon signs. Be sure to check out our Neopaul online neon shop. You can find all types. With the configurator you can easily order.

Neon advertising

A traditionally produced illuminated signage that has lost none of its charm. A warm color range and timeless tech look ensure the future of this classic. At ‘examples’ you will find inspiration. >> read more

Lookalike neon

This is not neon but unbreakable acrylic. Due to its round shape and the light that spreads evenly, it strongly resembles neon. Hence the name. Ideal for those who don’t like neon and are looking for a similar effect. >> read more

Neon in box letter

The neon is visibly mounted in an open relief letter. This gives a playful vintage look. For small advertisements we mount the neon centrally in the letter. For larger advertisements we mount neon along the perimeter of the letter. >> read more

light line

Light Line

With a light line your building attracts attention and the characteristic of a building remains visible at night. >> read more

Is this something for you?

Send us a picture of your facade with some measurements and if necessary your logo. We make a simulation without any obligation.

Is this something for you?

Send us a picture of your facade with some dimensions, possibly your logo and we will make a simulation without any obligations.

Also take a look at our online neon shop.
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Neopaul is more than classical illuminated advertising

Neopaul uses its expertise and experience to create new products that do not fall into the traditional category of ‘illuminated advertising’. Neon-art, LED-screens, cladding, ecosigns or signage are innovative Neopaul products. Find them here.


LED screens, controlled light advertising. This is illuminated advertising 2.0


Your favorite quote in neon. Unique and personal.


High visibility signs attract attention.


Illuminated advertising with green accent. Contemporary and positive.


Give your facade more charisma with a sleek facade cladding.

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