Masters in signs, neon and LED 


Neopaul was founded in 1956 and since then we have been developing

visual communication and illuminated signage.

We design design products with the latest techniques

and produce advertising for all kinds of facades,

buildings or industrial sites.

We combine cladding and light box,

relief letters on a panel,

column or totem, awning, banner

and other applications with print and neon,

LED lighting, digital screens or LED displays.


Our years of experience in illuminated advertising

and visual communication is growing continuously

through constant analysis and innovative research.

At Neopaul we continue to refine concepts

to technically strong prototypes

with a contemporary design.


With new techniques and materials such as LEDs,

digital screens and special plastics,

we can give you more and more opportunities

offer to create a visually strong impression

in the area.

But also in your building we can

apply these options;

classics such as neon and relief letters

have found their way

to the interior of companies and shops.


Neopaul works with architects and designers

to translate communication assignments

to visual lighting designs.

With personalized displays,

POS material or special lighting

we integrate the corporate identity

of your company in your interior.


With LED IS MORE, we focus on controlled LED systems.

LED IS MORE stands for a team of experienced lighting consultants.

and engineers using modern technology

and dynamic led systems to work with you

work out your creative idea

into a state-of-the-art communications beacon.

LED IS MORE helps you to make your building

or interior with an LED-illuminated corporate identity.


Masters in signs, neon and LED


Since 1956, Neopaul has been involved in the creation, design and production of signs in all forms and techniques. The material used depends on the customer’s request, the environment and the technical possibilities. Light boxes, relief letters, columns, wall cladding, awnings, banners, panels and other applications are combined with neon, prints, LEDs, digital screens and LED dislpays.


We combine years of experience in illuminated signage and signalisation with continuous analysis and research. The search for creative prototypes goes hand in hand with attention to contemporary design. After the technical research, Neopaul examines the site and reviews the permit application. The production and installation of the illuminated signs can be followed up with stock management, service or maintenance of the installed illuminated signs.


New technologies and materials such as LEDs, digital screens and special plastics offer more and more possibilities to leave a convincing impression indoors. Even the classics like neon and plexi have found their way into the interiors of companies and shops.


Neopaul works with architects and designers to transform communication ideas into visual lighting designs. Displays, P.O.S. communication, special lighting, etc. Insiders integrate the unique character of your business into your corporate interior. Neopaul has the people and the experience to realize your ideas.


Led Is More is your total partner for all led systems. Led is More wants to transform your creative idea into an unforgettable beacon, together with you. We turn your space or building into a landmark that stands out from the rest using LED systems.