Simple, fast and visually strong.

With foil advertising you can create a strong message on your window or a panel, quickly and with a small budget. Use adhesive foil for image, message, name or logo, formatted in your corporate style. Ideal for temporary shopping, easy to remove and what’s more: no licence needed.

adhesive film_colour

Colored cutting foil

Coloured self-adhesive film, cut in letters, logos or figures. We have all colours in stock. The film is colourfast, weatherproof and clean. >> Read more

adhesive film_print

Digital print

Adhesive foil, digitally printed with text, images or complex figures. The desired shape is cut out with a computerized plotter and the foil is laminated to make it UV-resistant.
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adhesive film_oneway

One-way-vision foil

Passers-by see an image, but you don’t lose daylight inside. The ideal solution to place a message on your window and not have to miss any daylight. >> Read more

adhesive film_print

Etched glass foil

Etched glass foil offers discretion and dresses up shop windows and windows, both in front and inside the building, without having to miss any daylight. >> Read more

Is this something for you?

Send us a picture of your facade with some measurements and if necessary your logo.

We make a simulation without any obligation.

Is this something for you?

Send us a picture of your facade with some dimensions, possibly your logo and we will make a simulation without any obligations.

Neopaul is more than classical illuminated advertising

Neopaul uses its expertise and experience to create new products that do not fall into the traditional category of ‘illuminated advertising’. Neon-art, LED-screens, cladding, ecosigns or signage are innovative Neopaul products. Find them here.


LED screens, controlled light advertising. This is illuminated advertising 2.0


Your favorite quote in neon. Unique and personal.


High visibility signs attract attention.


Illuminated advertising with green accent. Contemporary and positive.


Give your facade more charisma with a sleek facade cladding.

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Neopaul news


Also indoors, Neopaul-signs completes the Telenet shops with neo-lines and moss walls.

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Letterbox and illuminated advertising go hand in hand at Concordia in a beautifully integrated whole.

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