Give dimension to text and logo.

Embossed letters make your company name stand out. You choose the font in line with your house style. We mount relief letters directly on or against a facade or a wall, on a frame or a panel. When mounted on a frame or panel, we neatly conceal the wiring of energy-efficient lighting.

Neopaul offers embossed letters in metal or acrylic, or a combination. The production of the letters depends on the size of the letters and how we work out the lighting. This way we will create the appropriate embossed letters for your budget.

reliƫfletters direct verlicht

Direct lighting

The letters light up at the front. The sides can be the same color as the front, but not necessarily. A coloured foil or digital print can be applied to the front. >> read more

relief letters indirect

Indirect lighting

The light shines from the back of the relief letter onto the wall or the panel on which the letter is mounted. This creates a halo optical effect. Ideal for illuminating dark letters and large illuminated advertisements. >> read more

plexi relief letters

Full illumination

This relief letter is made entirely of translucent plexiglass. You choose a colour that matches your house style. The side can be finished in a different colour. The letter is internally lit by LED modules. >> read more

relief letters


This relief letter is illuminated by spotlights or a light cove. It is produced in aluminium or in high quality expanded plastic and lacquered in the colour and gloss level you desire.
>> read more
relief letters cast in LED

Moulded-in LED technology

Relief letters in acrylic are beautifully finished and available in various designs. Extremely suitable for small illuminated advertisements, can be placed inside or outside and requires little maintenance. >> read more

box letter with neon

Illuminated with neon

This relief letter is an open letter with neon lighting inside. It doesn’t get more vintage or retro than illuminated advertising. The neon can illuminate the letter with a single line (axis) or with a double line (the outline). >> read more

box letters with bulbs

Illuminated with bulbs

This embossed letter is an open letter containing LED lights. Fits with a house style that refers to vintage and the fifties. The open letter can be lacquered in any colour.
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large illuminated signs

Roof signage

Difficult to reach, high and impressive? That is the expertise of Neopaul. We install almost all relief letters at difficult heights, on a facade or a frame. The front of the relief letters is always illuminated. >> read more

relief letters black & white

Black & white

Unique to this embossed letter is that the letters are black during the day and light up white at night. A classic yet stylish lighting of an embossed letter. >> read more

Is this something for you?

Send us a picture of your facade with some measurements and if necessary your logo. We make a simulation without any obligation.

Is this something for you?

Send us a picture of your facade with some dimensions, possibly your logo and we will make a simulation without any obligations.

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Neopaul is more than classical illuminated advertising

Neopaul uses its expertise and experience to create new products that do not fall into the traditional category of ‘illuminated advertising’. Neon-art, LED-screens, cladding, ecosigns or signage are innovative Neopaul products. Find them here.


LED screens, controlled light advertising. This is illuminated advertising 2.0


Your favorite quote in neon. Unique and personal.


High visibility signs attract attention.


Illuminated advertising with green accent. Contemporary and positive.


Give your facade more charisma with a sleek facade cladding.

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